DARWIN Docco Journal #22

Was amazed to look out my window this morning and see snow covering the tops of the mountains that were brown and red less than 12 hours ago. It just added a whole new dimension to the site.

At breakfast Steve did his usual attempt of trying to communicate with non-English speaking waiters by using English. “What would you recommend? Ahhh…. If it were you? Ahhh…. What is the best?” All the while they’re just glaring at him blankly thinking, “Ummm…. What drugs are you taking?” Its like he thinks putting the “Ahhh”s in between English questions will make it easier for them to understand – too funny.

Another distinct aspect of this morning was that Basil didn’t get up in time for our scheduled 8:30am departure. When someone went to knock on his door at 8:35am he said, “Noone told me what time we were starting so I didn’t know what time to start getting ready. I’m going to be at least 45 minutes.” So tardy. Isn’t it common sense, not to mention professional, that if you don’t know what time work starts that you take some initiative and find out? But what really infuriated me was that later he approached the director in person and said, “Sorry for the delay but noone told me when to be ready by.” and the director responded with, “That’s OK.” I know that if it was me who did that, I’d have my throat ripped out, lightly salted and fed to a pack of starving piranhas, and then reminded about it every day for the rest of my life on top of that – that would be my “penance”. Blatant double standards at play here, but I’m only the assistant so I just need to smile and take it up the proverbial tail pipe.

Anyway after this drama, we started to the mountains to get the stuff we missed yesterday. While in transit, I collected a heap of sweet looking rocks which I’m going to polish up and distribute as gifts when I get home. “Pretty tight!” you might say, but these gifts will be priceless pieces of the Andes – well at least that’s my justification for my cheapskatedness).

At the peak of our hike, we saw the highest point in South America, Aconcagua mountain. That was 2 kilometres higher than we were and there was no way we were going that high – we were all struggling to breathe as it was. Was awesome to see though and we got some decent “distance” footage too. Apparently the most ambitious mountain climbers in the world try to scale this mountain ever year and some even die trying. Eek!

After the morning shoot, we headed on back to the caterer’s hut for lunch. This time when I went in though, I was greeted by 2 cute as dogs who were more than happy to see me. They reminded me of Jaffa and although I was heaps happy to play with them, I remembered how much I miss my puppy dog. Then I started thinking how I could immortalize her and thought a good name for a production company would be “Rolly Productions” or “Rolly Post” or “Jaffa Films” or something along those lines – I’ve got some pretty sweet logo ideas too so I’ll have to get started on that when I get home to Australia.

The feed they prepared for us this time was crazy. We each had a piece of steak twice the size of our plate but I couldn’t eat it – was way too much for my little guts to handle. Besides, we’ve been eating really well on this trip. Sometimes I think it’s a little unnecessary how much is ordered by the crew, especially considering we’re not doing enough physical activity to justify it, but I suppose this industry is so lucrative that its workers become a little spoilt by its fruits. I mean sometimes people walk away from the table with half a plate of food still on the table. I probably feel particularly bad about it because this project is not funded by some corporate giant who would usually finance their projects [and gargantuan appetites], but by voluntary donations and it is a waste of their money – for example someone eagerly contributes $20 to the project under the assumption that their money is going towards a documentary production, when really it ends up being half a plate of the leftover food of a crew member’s order that will end up in a dumpster coz they ordered too much.

After lunch, we prepared to go back out to the field but alas, the rain began to fall AGAIN! I noticed this because a massive ball of sleet dropped down the front of my shirt – it felt like it slashed my chest open it was so cold and sharp. “I’m singing in the sleet!” “Sleet drops keep falling down my shirt!” (Sorry…. Had to) So anyway, again we were restricted by weather conditions.

We began to head home and there were lightning bolts hitting the ground all around us. The director made the call to hop out and shoot the lightning in the freezing rain – was dangerous, but again we got sick footage so was worthwhile. Was awesome! And before leaving for good, we saw a family of foxes run past the car. Immediately Steve grabbed his still camera and jumped out of the car in an attempt to shoot a photo of them, and this prompted me to prime my video camera in case these cutesy little foxes ravaged him. Does that make me bad?

Back at the hotel, we went for dinner and I ordered the “chicken meal”. As I was waiting for it to be served, this Enrique Iglesias song which I use for Bodyjam came over the radio. It’s the latin one that goes, “Boom. Boom.” (the one where you snap your hips then travel to the side). I can’t believe they’re playing my songs here in Argentina. Is there some kind of conspiracy happening to remind me of home? Anyway, eventually my chicken came out and it was a drumstick – only it was the drumstick of an elephant-sized chicken!

I chatted with Basil and Nick tonight. I really think our barriers have come down now and we’re starting to become friends – well at least the earliest form of friendship one could fathom, but a friendship nonetheless. Its taken 3 weeks for it to happen, but it happened thank goodness!

Oh hello! Lord of the Rings – Return of the King just came on so I’m gonna go watch it and prolly fall asleep. But if there’s one thing I want to make you acknowledge before I go, its that you DO NOT want to get chased by an Argentinian chicken!http://xyx115.com/2017/10/31/phone-keylogger-localizar-telefono-por-gps-spy-whatsapp/

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