DARWIN Docco Journal #25

A much better day today but much busier too. First location was at another beach in Pehuen-Co but this one had “horizontal fossils” which you can see in the strata of the cliff walls – apparently the “giant sloth” monster made these ones too.

When we got to the beach, the terrain was a tad more rocky than yesterday so we pulled out the 4 wheel drive action and ripped it up. Nick “accidentally” did a donut in the sand which was quite entertaining but again, I thought I’d need an extra pair of undies. I thought today would be completely harrasment free after yesterd’ay episode but that bubble was burst very quickly.

As soon as we got to location, I jumped of of the car, prepared the tripod, put the tapes case over my shoulder and the lenses backpack around my back while Nick went with Steve to check out the first shot. While they were gone, Basil jumps out of the car and says to me, “Jason, what you’re doing now is just silly. You’re all packed up – now what if they come back and say it’s not good to shoot here? You’ll have to pack it all back in the car again and waste all our time.” I tell ya’ – these two stick together like a tongue on a frosted pole! They went to university together so they go way back – I feel like a victim of bullying. I just turned to him and said, “Basil, what do you want from me? If I get myself ready so when the green light is given I can just go for it, you yell at me coz there’s the off-chance that I’ll need to repack the car. If I wait for the green light before getting ready, you yell at me for not being prepared when everyone else is. I’m just trying to be as efficient as possible here to make your lives easier. It’s not like I’m deliberately trying to irritate you.” Well mine eyes must have had flames of rage and frustration spurting out of them coz he literally took a step back and said, “We’re not trying to make it hard for you.” Its like they assume you’re an absolute idiot until you stand up for yourself and tell them you do actually think about the things you’re doing. Why is it that always the case? Why isn’t it the opposite: that you be treated with decency and respect until you do something that makes them think otherwise?

Well that was a weight off my shoulders and afterwards some of the student excavators, oblivious to what had just happened, came over to me, shook my hand and said, “Buenos dias!” which brought me back to the high I was on pre-Basil. My investment with them yesterday totally paid off when I needed it to.

We wrapped this location then took off to the naval base at Punta Alta where apparently there was some kind of Darwin shrine. Dr Manera told us that we’d find nothing there but nevertheless, Steve’s gut convinced him otherwise. There was a little hot spring there which had some kind of minute significance to Darwin [and really excited Emil – naturally, considering he’s a geologist] but was not important enough to shoot.

We then took off to the Punta Alta museum where we spent the rest of the day shooting exhibits and interviews with Emil, and when I say “we”, I mean everyone BUT me. I helped set up but was then commissioned as security to watch the utes for the next 3 and a half hours. Was cool though – I cleaned up my digital camera memory and Roberto even came out at one stage so we had a good ol’ chin wag. I also saw heaps of cute as dogs walk past so that was hot too!

We didn’t arrive back at Pehuen-Co until about 9:30pm at which point we went straight back to that restaurant we’ve been having dinner at ever since we arrived – it really is a very nice place. No live entertainment agina but the food was awesome (I had a chilli chicken dish) and Emil had us in stitches with stories of animals that eat so much fruit that it ferments in their stomachs before it can be digested causing them to become intoxicated. Hilarious!

Day off tomorrow so looking forward to a lot of nothing – coz there’s plenty of that to do in this little secluded country town!http://varuna.sk/line-spy-spy-sms-free-without-target-phone-phone-parental-monitoring/

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