Goodbye Bond! ‘Ello AFTRS!!!!

Hi guys!  So I’ve just set up this website for myself as an online place for people to find me and just check out what’s goin’ down in the world of JJ!  I particularly love the little module on the side of the site that updates automatically with inspirational quotes – we all need to hear at least one of those every now and then.

So here I am – I decided a few months ago that if I’m going to get my hands around an Academy Award for my work in Editing then I need to sacrifice what I need to and chase the dream with everything I have inside of me.  It was scary…. nay TERRIFYING to make the decision – I quit my full-time job and all my classes (ie my “on the side” source of sustenance) and enrolled in Bond University’s Bachelor of Film and Television.  The plan was to do that undergrad degree then go on to AFTRS’ Graduate Diploma of Editing – the reason for doing one before the other was because of the implication of the AFTRS course’s title that I actually needed an undergrad qualification before I could even be considered.  But then one day I just thought, “Maybe I can just shoot them an email asking if my previous experience would be enough to get me through the doors for the 2011 intake.” and sure enough they said it would be enough!  Goodness – I was over the moon!  But the only thing was that they notified me on the day of the deadline for applications though they graciously gave me a 1 week extension.  Needless to say that I poured every waking second of every day in that timeframe into developing an application for the school.  Got it in in time and thus began the excruciating wait for the decision from the panel.

Well its now December and I can very excitedly say that I HAVE actually been accepted into this very exclusive, prestigious course and that I am starting to prepare for the next exciting leg of the journey of my life and career.  The AFTRS Graduate Diploma of Editing takes in <b>4</b> people every year and to be one of those 4 people is such a humbling acknowledgment.

So 2011 is the year I say, “Goodbye Bond!  Hello AFTRS!”  I have had a fantastic time here on the Gold Coast – meeting a heap of new friends and being exposed to some great professional challenges, but Sydney will offer a whole plethora of exciting new prospects.  I am enthusiastic, but petrified, at the uncertainty of my future.  Wish me luck 😉

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