• I’ll Be Gone

I’ll Be Gone

The REELMAD Film Festival is an annual 24-hour film festival which raises funds for a charity fighting to bring awareness to youth suicide. In 2005 there were 2101 registered suicides in Australia. 80% of these were male and 2/3 of this majority were dealing with issues of homosexuality. “I’ll be gone” is a film which reflects these horrific statistics.

Frederick – Ralph Wiggum
Michael – Michael Chiu
Father – Kerry Malcolm
Teacher – Genevieve Thorp
Mean Girl #1 – Rebekkah Jamieson
Mean Girl #2 – Amanda Kohn
Man in bed – Ralph Wiggum

Writer/Director/Cinematography – Vicki Blanco
Editor – Jason Jamieson
Hair & Makeup – Rebekkah Jamieson
Story Advisor – Lisa Sloane

Date: 24/07/2007 Client: Reelmad Film Festival Skills: Drama Website: www.myspace.com/jjlicious85/blog/291292802