This Given Happenstance

Title sequence for 2011 film “This Given Happenstance”.

The metaphors inherent are:

  • Mirror: idea of self reflection.
  • Symmetry in frame: idea of self reflection.
  • Blood & Water: “blood is thicker than water” in that the bond of family is stronger than circumstance.
  • Red & Blue: represent the different worlds, but the opposite colour exists in the reflection of any respective girl indicating that although different, there are elements of each other in their backgrounds.
  • Pigeons: the notion that like pigeons, no matter where they are taken, they always find their way back to where they came from [eg home].
  • Full Screen White Girl Wipe: when the two sisters come together, there is wholeness.
Date: 01/06/2012 Client: AFTRS Skills: Drama, Experimental Website: